Wet Wall Bathrooms, the home of inspirational bathroom ideas for unique wet wall panelling looks, is accustomed to anticipating the needs of our clients and we have done so here with our list of the most commonly asked questions from customers interested in wet wall panelling.

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Q. What parts of Scotland do you cover?

A. Wet Wall Bathrooms HQ is in Falkirk but we cover most of Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Why not get in touch and we will discuss your geographical location and our service in that area.

Q. Do you do a home survey prior to installation?

A. All we need is a video of your bathroom for an initial quote and we can take it from there.

The first step is always to get in touch and we can chat about your needs and expectations and the service Wet Wall Bathrooms can offer you.

Q. Do you do tiling?

A. No, sorry.

We only install wet wall panelling for ceilings, walls and floors.

We recommend these instead of tile as a more hygienic option. And don’t forget, wet wall panelling is easier to maintain than tile.

Get in touch with Wet Wall Bathrooms to find out more about the advantages of wet wall bathrooms, wet rooms, shower rooms and WCs.

Q. What is the thickness of your wet wall panels?

A. We normally supply and install 8mm wet wall panels.

We also have 10mm panels available but these require ceilings to be a minimum of 2.4m high.

Ceilings can be lowered to 2.4m at an extra cost.

For more on the quality and thickness of our wet wall panelling, please get in touch without delay.

Q. Do you remove tiles prior to installing wet wall panels?

A. Wet Wall panels normally go over the top of existing tiles where tiling is floor to ceiling.

However, if walls are half tiled then the tiles will have to be removed before panelling at an extra cost.

Get in touch and we can discuss your specific refurbishment needs.

Q. What type of flooring do you install?

A. We only use LVT flooring. It is completely waterproof and very hygienic. A fantastic flooring product.

At Wet Wall Bathrooms we always put a value on practicality as well as quality. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more about what we have to offer you.

Q. Do you remove the old bathroom suite free of charge?

A. Yes. There is no extra charge for removing your old suite.

Wet Wall Bathrooms focuses on the needs of our customers and strives to provide the best service possible. If you would like to discuss our services further, why not get in touch.

Q. Do you dispose of the old bathroom suite/new suite packaging, etc?

A. There is an extra charge for rubbish uplift if you are not using your council for an uplift.

At Wet Wall Bathrooms we work to provide affordable and quality services for our clients, extra costs are charged only when necessary. To find out more please get in touch with us and we can walk you through the services we provide.

So don’t delay, get in touch today! Wet Wall Bathrooms is here to help with all your needs and answer any questions you have about our top quality service. So call us for a chat, and join the ranks of satisfied Wet Wall Bathrooms customers.