Discover the power of wet wall panels to transform your bathroom

Hand touching water covered wall

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What exactly are wet wall panels and why should you choose them for your new look toilet and bathroom areas?

Wet wall panels are waterproof sheets of cladding that can be applied to the entirety of your bathroom, shower room or vanity room, around your shower, bath, sink or any area where tiling would usually be used to cope with the effects of water usage.

In addition to providing a flawless wall finish, wet wall panels can be considered a highly practical alternative to tiling requiring less maintenance and cleaning or dealing with any of the issues associated with grout.

Panels come in various colours and styles and you can create a highly stylish or multi panel look to suit your own taste. Click the button below to speak with Wet Wall Bathroom staff for their expert advice on the range of wet wall panelling we have available.

Our wet wall panelling comes in a variety of colours and styles. For more information on our panelling as well as flooring and ceiling panels please go to our FAQs page or contact us to discuss your needs and find out what would be the best panelling style for you.

Tile Effect looks
Multi-Panel looks
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